Several technology products & solutions are available these days, which in turn arises confusion. If you are in the market building new home, finishing home theater or upgrading your existing setup here are some of the questions that one might have difficult time deciding:

What to look for when you meet with the low voltage contractor as part of the home construction. How to pre-wire the home?

Just like one size does not fill all, every solution would be as unique as the need(s)! Let an expert like us help you understand and make the right choice. We provide consulting services to help you make right choices while building the home or design your home theater.

With all the smart & “i” gadgets around us, no wonder they start controlling our homes!
There are several advantages with smart homes or home automation like energy saving, convenience, disaster prevention etc.
Home is the best investment one can make, let us help you make it even better!
A well designed & equipped media room or game room would be paradise for game/movie lovers!
With so many speakers, receivers & other equipment choices it would be overwhelming to pick the one that would best suit your needs. More over, equipment is only part of the solution. Room design with proper acoustics and fine tuning the equipment would be needed to complete the experience! Let us help you pick the right equipment and design your entertainment room.